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Sunday, September 5, 2010

3 SEO Mistakes That Will Get You Google Slapped

Google is a household name in many countries, and when you need some information people will be quick to tell you to, "Google it." If you have a website and you don't see it in Google, then you need to do something about it. The Internet is growing at warp speeds and organizing it is a big deal. Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the three largest search engines who are now responsible for hosting almost all internet searches and also making sure that we can find what we are searching for. If you want visitors to your site then you must learn some basic site optimization techniques. There are many advantages of search engine optimization or SEO, but the biggest one is you keep getting consistent traffic for free. Sadly, there is a lot of misinformation floating around about SEO and people apply these harmful methods to their sites. Stick with this article and you will become aware of some major mistakes to steer clear of when applying you SEO Services techniques.

Graphics and images are a good way to give your site instant appeal, but be careful about putting too many on your site or you'll be damaging your SEO efforts. Having a high number of images on your website will leave less room for search engine friendly content, which will lead to a lower ranking. Even though your images might have text on them, they're not the same as the plain text on your site. Search engines aren't able to read images, so if your navigation links to other pages in your site are written on images, they're useless for SEO purposes. If you do decide to use some images, keep in mind that putting your site's keywords in the image's ALT tag can help you. This way search engines would be able to read this attribute in the image, which will ultimately help your ranking. It is important to remember not to make the other mistake, which is to never plagiarize content from other sites, as that's not a good thing to do. You can't just copy content and hope that it's going to help you, because it won't. Your plagiarized content might not be noticed by a few but eventually people will come to know. The other reason why it's a good idea to stay away from this is due to the fact that search engines now know when content has been replicated. There are filters in place for this sort of thing, and that's the last place you want your website to end up if you hope to rank high. That's why you always want to ensure that you utilize text that is appealing to readers and search engines alike.

If you ignore the search engine guidelines, you are making a huge blunder.

This is why you will always want to heed those guidelines so that your Local SEO methods are always in the search engine's favor. The search engines are always changing their guidelines so make sure you check out the updates as often as you can so you can stay in their good graces. For example, Google constantly changes its guidelines so you must abide by those changes or you aren't going to rank very high.

Search engine optimization can bring more free traffic to your site than you have ever dreamed possible. SEO requires you to stay consistent and persistent; do this and you will beat the competition. Sometimes the best things are worth waiting on. As long as you choose the right keywords and have good content for your site, SEO should be able to give your online marketing a big boost.

I have high hopes that you have enjoyed this piece of writing about SEO.

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