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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Understand The Basic SEO Techniques

To see your own website shoot right up to the first page and eventually to the first result for your targeted keywords is what you definitely would want to happen. And who wouldn't especially if your goal is to earn money from it? Because the key to harnessing the full earning potential of a website is if it ranks well in the search results and this is only possible if you are doing the right seo techniques. If you have been all over the web and devouring every bits and pieces of information abou search engine optimization, you will have encountered a myriad of methods to help you rank. But if you are just starting out, it is best if you first stick to the basics.

The search engine optimization techniques listed here have been tried and tested. It is important that you focus on one strategy or seo technique here and lay down your plans on how you can best manage to do it within as little time as possible and with little expense as you can. Of course it does not go without saying that there will be a few expenses you will be making along the way, but keeping them to a minimum would certainly be best for you.

Tags are very important in any on page optimization and this simple technique has been around ever since people have started creating and marketing their own websites. The search engine spiders look into these tags to help them determine for what keywords they should rank you with and what is the topic of that certain web page. Some of the tags that you should concern yourself with are the title tag, the image tag and the heading tag. Most seo experts agree that the most important of these tags, and of any on page optimization is the title tag. They say the search engine spiders give more weight on what is included in the title tag. In fact your whole web page can rank for a keyword even if that keyword can only be found in the title tag.

Next is link building which is by itself the most important aspect of your seo campaign and among your seo techniques. It is also very broad that it actually requires a separate article to fully understand the various link building techniques that you can do. But the gist is that you should link only to trusted websites and that you must get links from such websites as well. Is having more links pointing to your website is good for your seo? Yes, but only if you build your links on a long period of time and not just acquiring about a thousand links all within just one week. You get the idea.

Finally, you should learn how to do good seo copywriting or at least get someone who can write well for the web. This is among the best search engine optimization techniques that you can do for your website, that is, to have relevant content on each and every page.

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