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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Getting Inbound links Indexed In Google

If you didn't already know, a back link is simply a link to your website from another website. In terms of popularity with search engines, a back link is like getting a "vote" on your site's behalf from another website. If you can get a lot of back links directing traffic to your sites, your listing will be higher up in the major search engines. The better your rank is in Google, the more traffic you'll get, which will ultimately lead to more sales.
Hopefully this description will give you a basic understanding of what back links are and how they work. Beyond the basics, a lot of so-called SEO or search engine optimization experts tend to overlook the fact that not all back links are created equal; for example, if your site is linked on a page that is not indexed in Google, your ranking will not benefit from the link. What is the reason for this? If Google can't see the page exists than how can it know about the back link you have from it?

Making sure that all the pages that include a back link to our website are indexed in Google is what we need to ensure. Let's look at some ways this can be accomplished. You simply have to show Google where these pages are, so it can add your back links to its massive database when it does its scan.

You may be wondering why you need this. Of course the answer is very straight forward. Even though search engines like Google use strong servers that are continuously performing a variety of jobs, there are still billions of pages on the Internet that have to be searched and processed. Even with the use of a site map, it is easy for some of those pages to get buried, making it harder for the Search Engines to find them when a website adds new pages on a regular basis.

What, then, is the process of making sure Google indexes these pages?

The time frame will differ each time, but the basic idea is fairly easy. You just want to use a site that is being constantly indexed by a search engine that allows users to submit content. You simply have to provide links to the back link pages. All you need to do with a popular bookmarking site is to bookmark your URL, and with a popular forum site, just add your link to your forum signature, which will instantly add your link to a number of threads within the active forum. You can often get indexed in mere hours after applying these simple methods!

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