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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tips for Better E-mail Marketing Success

E-mail marketing is one of the best ways to sell products and market your services. There is evidence from internet marketers that sales can actually increase after sending an email out to a mailing list instead of trying to make people buy from a website. Generally this is because people who join mailing lists want to hear more about your products, so they’re more likely to be receptive to your message.
However, email marketing isn’t always the perfect solution for everyone. You will still need to work at getting the right message across. Consider how many times you’ve automatically deleted an email from someone who was promoting a product. Below are some tips to stop your mailing list deleting your emails like this.
You’ll need to have permission to email to those you want to subscribe to your list. If you do not take that first step, you’ll be considered a spammer which will only get you into legal trouble. For an online marketer, being tagged as a spammer is the marketing kiss of death. The best it could ever get is extreme difficulty overcoming such a label, very likely you never will. So make sure that you are only sending your e-mails to those who have signed up for your list through legitimate means. Once they’ve become subscribers, then you can put them in your marketing process and begin building a solid and lasting relationship with them.
You must offer an easy method for people to leave your email list. Thinking about the fact that some prospects will choose not to receive your emails is not high on your list of priorities. Working in internet marketing, this is probably in complete contradiction to your goals. Even so, you still need to give people an easy solution to unsubscribe. You don't want to damage your reputation by making it complicated for them to leave your list! The likelihood of people returning to your list in the future increases if you make it easy for them to abandon your list. Just imagine: how would you like customer service to act with you when canceling your current telephone subscription or changing to a competing plan? Do you want to be hassled over discontinuing the service or do you want it to be quick and painless?
Be sure to write a subject line that cleverly sums up the message of your e-mail. Remember, that all you have is one sentence to get your message across. Your subject line is often what will make people decide whether or not they want to open your e-mails at all. Newsletters work good with e-mail marketing because you can weave your offer in with your content.
Selling without a newsletter and sending the offer alone is a little more difficult. You must make the benefits of what you are selling clear to your readers. The key is not to use sales tactics that are too pushy. There is a delicate balance but eventually you will get the hang of it!
Email marketing offers online business owners plenty of scope and range. There are some people who think they need to send out sales offers in their emails every day just to make some money. Others very rarely send out messages because they want those messages to matter. After a while, you’ll begin to recognize which methods are working for your list and which ones don’t. When you see that pattern emerging, you’ll know you’ve hit a recipe that can bring you more money from your list when you want.

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