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Saturday, November 20, 2010

How to Get Your Sites Indexed by Google

If you've created a new blog or website recently, you probably want to get it listed on Google as quickly as possible. As long as your site isn't indexed (i.e. listed) on search engines, it will be almost impossible for new users to find your website. This post outlines a quick and simple method for ensuring that every new site you create gets indexed and listed very quickly.

The Wrong Approach

First, let's take a quick look at what not to do, in order to get your site listed. Every search engine has some option for manual site submission. You can find a link somewhere that says something along the lines of "Register your site with Google". This option lets you enter your website's address and basically politely ask the search provider to come by and have a look at it.

Sometimes you'll also see services offering to "Submit your site to 200 top search engines internationally!" or something like that.

Avoid both of these things. Manually submitting your site to a search engine is a waste of time and using a service to have it done is a waste of money. After manual submission, it can take days or even weeks before your website actually gets indexed and what's the point in having your site submitted to hundreds of search engines no one uses?

Here's What to Do Instead

Ok, enough ranting, here's what you should do instead, to get your site listed within a few hours: Place backlinks to your site on highly popular sites.

Why is this a good thing to do? The more popular and frequently updated a site is, the more often it gets visited by search engine spiders. Google sends it's "bot" to those sites every few hours or even more frequently to make sure they have all the new content listed in their search results. Now, if a link to your website appears on such a highly popular site, the Google bot will see that link, follow it and find your site. And since it was linked to from an important website, your website will get indexed soon thereafter.

The Nuts and Bolts of How to Do This

Signatures in Forums
Register with a forum (or use one you're all registered with), write some posts and add a link to your site in the sig-line. Just do yourself and everyone else a favour by only posting interesting and relevant stuff and not doing it in a spammy way.

Bookmark Submission
Sign up with Digg, or some similar social bookmarking site and submit your URL to them. The links on bookmarking sites get posted instantly and search engine bots are usually not far away.

Article Submission
Simply write a short article on a topic relevant to your site and submit it to a free article directories.You can place a link to your site in your "bio box", "about me" section or signature of the article. You can even take the same article you wrote and submit it to more than one directory.

Following any or all of these tips, your new site will be listed on Google within a few hours. A word of caution: Don't abuse these options. Don't create a spammy sales-site and submit each and every page to Digg. Don't write a crappy, "empty" article and submit it to article directories. Don't annoy people on the forums by posting irrelevant comments and having an obnoxious collection of links in your signature.

These things will not only hurt your reputation and prevent people from clicking your links, they will most probably also get you banned from the respective sites and with that, you'll lose those backlinks as well.
So, just remember: Even if your main goal is to get the attention of search engines, never forget the actual humans involved in the process as well.


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